The first chapter of your Econ 101 textbook talks about scarcity. 

It is the notion that there are scarce resources in the world and people and individuals compete over those scarce resources. 

This becomes the driver of the price system. It helps define supply and demand. 

As an economic principle in a textbook, I agree there is a finite amount of land, labor, capital, and resources. 

For us as individuals, the idea of scarcity creates fear and desperation such that messages rattle through our brains.

I don't have enough.

I don't make enough. 

I can't pay my bills. 

I can't feed my family. 

My house is too small. 

Those statements above are not FACTS. They are THOUGHTS. They are a lens which we overlay on our lives and interpret our circumstances. 

Sometimes they drive action to just get the job to pay the bills. Sometimes it drives us to acquire more and more education and skills to become more marketable. I suppose that's good. 

But there's a flip side to scarcity. It's abundance. It's the mere thought that perhaps recognizing that the earth is full of resources for our benefit, people to bless us, land to feed us, and blessings to be poured out upon us. 

That doesn't mean we are lazy and expect things to land in our lap. But the attitude and feeling by which we go through life changes to generosity, to sharing, to cooperation instead of selfishness and competition. 

The key is to realize that God has messages for each of us. Individual, personalized direction to help us receive a fullness of joy. When our mind is clouded by thoughts of "I can't, I don't" we may inadvertently block the messages God may send that include "You can. You will. You do." 

The intent of the blog posts below is to document my transition from scarcity minded libertarian to an abundant minded libertarian and how that is translating into increased performance and better results. 



07/03/2016 12:18pm

Economics are become the world most study able and most attractive research because without the good economy history we cannot able to do anything in our life. I hope that the people will get all those things which is really well for us.

12/17/2017 10:44pm

It is within human nature to be greedy. Most of us just spend away everything at our disposal, we don't mind or think about how we are inefficiently using our resources. Many of us are already experiencing scarcity in terms of food. Our ability to produce different commodities and even procure food to feed ourselves is taking a massive toll. We should address this issue and try to lessen our wasteful ways. We should heed to natures needs just as we pay attention to ours.

09/20/2016 11:14pm

I failed my Economics class when I was a sophomore. I took that subject twice and finally I passed my second take. It took me awhile to finally understand what Economics is because I really didn't care much about the world. I tried to define it in a deeper level and I related it into life, Economics is the study of consumption of needs and wants of a human being.

02/05/2017 8:52am

Wow, you are very experienced about the economics! That's awesome.


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