Imagine a circle. This circle represents you, today, in the present. It is a zone in which you have power to act for yourself, to be "self-actualized."  Everything outside of that circle has the potential to affect you. Frequently you react to it. Frequently you allow it to reside in it's rightful place.  

Those outside influences are generally other people; your friends, your family, your acquaintances, perfect strangers, your community, your employer, your government, and at worst, those people who could cause you harm. Someone outside that circle might even be God or whatever you consider to be your source of divine power.

They all exist outside of that circle. 

When we are free, truly independent, we have the option to open the doors of our circle to any one, and close out any one we want.

How empowered and mature we are about those doors and how readily they swing open will define in large part how self actualized we become, how happy we are, and how much we truly realize our goals.

Some of us put up impenetrable walls around our circle, preventing entrance to our family or friends but welcoming in those who would harm us, including messages from the media, or thoughts that debilitate and weaken us. Sometimes our wall that allows others in, excludes God and divine messages.

And unbeknownst to those in the liberty movement, when we become fixated on the conspiratorial elements of government, reading, watching every article, video, meme, and post that tells us how our liberty and freedom is at risk, guess who we just let in?

We let "Those Who Would Harm Us" into our circle. We let "Government and Media" into our circle. We may have even let Satan in with the fear based messages that tell us to hide from one another. 

How? You ask. Because we become what we are incessantly fixated on.

I was fixated on the liberty movement from 2009 - 2013. I read as much as I could from lots of different sources. I shared those messages on Facebook. I rallied for the cause. I educated myself. 

In the process I shut other people out. How often did someone click on a post of mine and clicked, "Unfollow Steve Baer" or "See fewer posts like this"? My message wasn't getting out. It was echoing within the sound chamber I created on my Facebook feed (more on that later!)

My cousin likes to post things on Facebook that say, "if you don't agree with me then you might as well unfriend me." 

Where does that lead?? 

"Let me shut the door on all these people who have otherwise valid opinions because they differ from mine in some way!" He did that to me. 


That circle above represents our circle of power. We choose what we let in. 

When the circle is full of the wrong people or when we give unbalanced influence to others, we get crowded out and left in a state of hopelessness. Everything without us has power over us. 

But there is hope. So much hope. 

There is abundant liberty. Freedom abounds. Opportunity abounds. We just need to open the doors to the right people to let those messages in and to feel empowered.

Be free, be well, be wealthy with Abundant Liberty for all.


    Steve Baer

    I love freedom and independence. It speaks to my soul. Let me share my take on how to be more free without the handwringing associated with the liberty movement.


    May 2016