I love kids. I'm a kid at heart. 

Late last week I was feeling a lot of stress and in the process I was taking it out on the family. Jenny was making dinner and I told her, "I need to go play with the kids." She gladly obliged. 

I ran outside with them. We played tag. We played dodge ball. We ran and we laughed. I walked in the door a much happier father. 

For ten years I worked in a corporate setting. It was fine. In fact, I got exactly what I wanted out of that career. I got low stress. I got some degree of fun an autonomy. I got family time and flexible schedules. In a lot of ways it was great. 

But I discovered the need to become a "Dadtrepreneur." I wanted to be a home-based entrepreneur, involving my family in my career. I'm still discovering what that means and I intend for this site to help you follow along on that journey. 

All I know is there are alternatives to working for someone for 35 years, saving money for retirement, retiring, and then dying. There are other ways to live, to earn, and to bring value to the world. 

We have precious years with our kids. They are born, they grow up and they are gone. I have 8 years left with my oldest daughter before she graduates. 9 with my oldest son. I have 3-4 years before they become full fledged teenagers.

Considering how fast the last 10 years went, the next ten will fly. 

That's why I'm a Dadtrepreneur. A work from home entrepreneur looking to make my millions with one child on my lap, and another napping on the chair next to me. 

    Steve Baer

    More on this later! My website is a work in progress!!


    May 2016